The Best GIFs Of The NCAA Tournament

After 66 games over three weekends, the NCAA Tournament is down to just Michigan and Louisville, who will play in the national championship on Monday night.

And as usual, the tournament has seen its share of crazy highlights, both on the court and off. From players dancing to coaches freaking out, cheap shots, and sad mascots it has been a wild and wacky tournament.

On the next few pages we’ll take a look back at the best GIFs from the tournament so far.

The villain of the tournament was Marshall Henderson

Fake Jim Boeheim was more excited than real Jim Boeheim ever is

One of the lasting memories of this tournament will be Florida Gulf Coast University and Dunk City

Unfortunately, it will also be remembered for Kevin Ware's injury and how his teammates reacted

Kevin Ware did return to the tournament to support his team

But maybe nobody freaks out better than Rick Pitino

And this is not really what they mean by 'The Big Dance'

Mascots always make for an entertaining scene

Often they are disapproving

And sometimes they are just frustrated

The tournament had some cheap shots, none bigger than this one by Kansas

And others were not as intentional but just as painful

Tim Hardaway was nervous

Jim Laranaga's dance was epic

But was it better than the dance unleashed by this equipment manager?

Even the hand puppets were excited

But not everybody at the games were so excited. Just ask this guy.

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