These are the games you can play on the new Apple TV

Stop playing “Crossy Road” incessantly on your iPhone — Apple TV is getting refreshed this November, and with it comes the ability to play “Crossy Road” right on your living room television. Oh, also, you’ll be able to play a whole mess of other great games that were shown off on Wednesday during Apple’s big San Francisco event.

Which games? These games!

'Crossy Road'


Whether or not you've played spiritual predecessor to 'Frogger' doesn't matter: 'Crossy Road' is the perfect mobile game. Try your best to cross the road without end, avoiding pitfalls and speeding trucks and sudden trains. On Apple TV, 'Crossy Road' is getting a multiplayer mode; friends can join up using their iPhone or iPad as a controller.

'Rayman Adventures'

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'Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore Rising'


Like exploring space, meeting new races, and then killing them? 'Galaxy on Fire 3: Manticore Rising' is right up your alley. And hey, if nothing else, it's incredibly gorgeous.


Supergiant Games

After releasing the wildly successful 'Bastion' in 2011, the team behind it doubled down with 'Transistor' -- another gorgeous game with a focus on narration and storytelling over mechanics.

'Guitar Hero Live'

Unfortunately, this guy is also coming along for the ride.

Get out your plastic guitars and your best set of back-up singers: 'Guitar Hero' is returning from its years-long hiatus and it's apparently heading to Apple TV in addition to Apple's other platforms (and everywhere else, for that matter).

'Skylanders SuperChargers'


Much like Apple's iPhone, each new year brings a new iteration of the kid-focused 'Skylanders' franchise. This year is no different, with 'Skylanders SuperChargers' heading to every game platform imaginable. After Wednesday's news, that sentiment now extends to Apple TV as well.

'Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved'


'Geometry Wars 3' is maybe the best game listed here. It's an immensely enjoyable arcade-style shooting game where you pilot a tiny ship against relentless waves of enemies. It looks like what arcade games should have become after 30 years (instead of going the way of the Dodo).


Triada Studio

But perhaps you'd prefer something a bit more subdued? That's where 'Shadowmatic' comes in: a charming, gorgeous puzzle game involving shadows, floating objects, and deductive reasoning.

'Beat Sports'


In 'Beat Sports' -- from the studio that created both 'Guitar Hero' and 'Rock Band' -- you'll play a variety of sports pared down and timed to beats. The developer, Harmonix, describes it as, 'music-infused mini-games based loosely on familiar sports like tennis, volleyball, and golf.'



Trade beat-matching for bullets with 'Afterpulse,' an online shooter that's going after the 'Call of Duty' crowd.

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