PRESENTING: The 101 Finance People You Have To Follow On Twitter


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At Business Insider, we strive to give you the news first, and best.But how do we get that news in the first place?

Well, we follow a lot of brilliant market people on Twitter.

These include actual market practitioners (financial advisors, hedge fund managers, and sell-side analysts) as well as a lot of smart media people who are brimming with great insights all day.

Plus, we also follow several feeds that are jam packed with timely data.

We think you should follow all these people.

Tadas Viskanta

Occupation: Editor, Abnormal Returns

Handle: @abnormalreturns

Why: The original market aggregator!

Chris Adams

Occupation: Financial Times' Markets Editor

Handle: @chrisadamsmkts

Why: Knows what's happening in the market as fast as anyone.

Justin Wolfers

Occupation: Economist at Penn

Handle: @justinwolfers

Why: Brilliant insights. He connects academic stuff with real-time data.


Occupation: Being Pacific Investment Management Company LLC

Handle: @pimco

Why: Their Tweets move markets.

Josh Brown

Occupation: Investment advisor

Handle: @reformedbroker

Why: The Street's most irreverent (and most hilarious) Tweeter.

Charlie Gasparino

Occupation: Senior correspondent, Fox Business

Handle: @cgasparino

Why: Love him or hate him, the man is a newsbreaker.

John Carney

Occupation: Senior editor and blogger at

Handle: @carney

Why: Helps keeps world's leading business network real.

Ben White

Occupation: Wall Street reporter for Politico

Handle: @morningmoneyben

Why: Politico's predawn warrior also has a lot to say during the day. He writes from New York, not Washington, so he may actually know what he's talking about.

Neil Barofsky

Occupation: Professor at NYU Law School; former Special Inspector General for the Troubles Asset Relief Program

Handle: @neilbarofsky

Why: When you escape from Treasury alive, you're bound to have a lot on your mind. He knows the bailouts better than anyone. Also: can take a joke.

Austan Goolsbee

Occupation: Economist; Professor at University of Chicago; former White House advisor

Handle: @austan_goolsbee

Why: Another Capitol Hill castaway. Good proxy for getting inside the mind of Obamanomics.

Tony Fratto

Occupation: Former Treasury official and advisor to President George W. Bush; principal at communications firm Hamilton Place Strategies

Handle: @tonyfratto

Why: A Bushie speaks!

Ed Bradford

Occupation: Government bond trader

Handle: @fullcarry

Why: Awesome bond market commentator. Knows the economy cold.

Financial Acrobat

Occupation: Mysterious Norwegian blogger (don't worry he Tweets in English too).

Handle: @finansakrobat

Why: Really great insights on macrofinance. Scandanavia represent.

St. Louis Federal Reserve

Occupation: Being the St. Louis Federal Reserve

Handle: @stlouisfed

Why: Far and away the best of the regional Fed Twitter feeds, Tweeting thought-provoking charts all day.

Karl Smith, Adam Ozimek and Niklas Blanchard

Occupation: Write modelled behaviour, a blog about (mostly) macroeconomics

Handle: @modeledbehavior

Why: Super smart Tweets about economic issues both weighty and...less so.

Team Economix

Occupations: Reporters and bloggers for New York Times' economics website

Names & Handles: Binyamin Appelbaum (@bcappelbaum); Annie Lowrey (@annielowrey); Catherine Rampell (@crampell); Motoko Rich (@motokorich); David Leonhardt (@dleonhardt).

Why: Economics whiz kids (we figure average age is ~30).

Matina Stevis

Occupation: Dow Jones Eurozone reporter

Handle: @matinastevis

Why: Dow Jones reporter Tweeting the crisis in the Eurozone. Live from Brussels.

Katie Martin, Rob Passarella, Bradley Davis

Occupation: Dow Jones's Forex Team

Handles: @bradleydaviswsj, @robpas, @djfxtrader

Why: You'll barely need your WSJ subscription if you follow them.

Katie Martin

Occupation: Currencies editor at Dow Jones, writer for WSJ

Handle: @katie_martin_fx

Why: OK, hers are actually the best forex Tweets.

Lorcan Roche Kelly

Occupation: Chief Europe Strategist at Trend Macrolytics, LLC

Handle: @lorcanrk

Why: Eurozone intelligence from a guy with skin in the game. Knows Ireland better than anyone.

Fabrizio Goria

Occupation: Financial reporter for Italian financial site Linkiesta

Handle: @fgoria

Why: If Italy falls into the Adriatic, you'll hear it from him before anyone else.

Gus Baratta

Occupation: Market-maker of European government bonds

Handle: @gusbaratta

Why: Another favourite Eurozone expert, broadcasting live from Milan.

Daniel Alpert

Occupation: Managing Partner of NY investment bank Westwood Capital LLC

Handle: @danielalpert

Why: This guy reminds us that there's a difference between writiing about The Street, and actually being The Street.

Markit Economics

Occupation: Twitter feed of financial information services website

Handle: @markiteconomics

Why: Awesome data feed. All day.

Mark Dow

Occupation: Economist, hedge fund mananger, commentator

Handle: @mark_dow

Why: One of the smartest guys we know. Tweets in three languages!

Jerry Khachoyan

Occupation: Editor of The Armo Trader blog.

Handle: @thearmotrader

Why: Wise far beyond his years (he's still an undergrad!). Great insights on trading and economics.

Matt Busigin

Occupation: Editor of MacroFugue; software engineer

Handle: @mbusigin

Why: Self-described 'amateur economist and investor' just happens to have 2,500+ followers. Brilliant, original thinker. Creator of great charts. Hockey fan.

Scotty Barber

Occupation: Reuters' Financial Graphics Editor

Handle: @scottybarber

Why: One of the best economic chartsmakers out there.

Pedro da Costa

Occupation: Economics reporter for Reuters

Handle: @pdacosta

Why: One of the best reporters in the game.

Felix Salmon

Occupation: Reuters' finance blogger

Handle: @felixsalmon

Why: Just look at him -- is that the face of a man lacking 'insightful analysis?'

Cate Long

Occupation: Editor, Reuters' Muniland blog

Handle: @cate_long

Why: Extremely plugged in; one-stop shopping for news on municipal bond shenanigans.

Izabella Kaminska

Occupation: FT Alphaville reporter

Handle: @izakaminska

Why: Dynamo reporter covering energy, central banks, ETFs, and market structure. Live from Geneva.

Conor Sen

Occupation: Contributor to investor site;

Handle: @conorsen

Why: Scary-smart takes on everything financial markets, tech stocks, startups, socionomics. Also: An optimist.

Mike Jackson

Occupation: Bond trader and analyst

Handle: @bondscoop

Why: Representing the home of Bob Dylan and Paul Bunyan. Analysis untainted by big-city types.

Bill Bishop

Occupation: Commentator on Chinese affairs.

Handle: @niubi

Why: The best China commentator we know. Following Bill is like having your own personal China Hand.

Economy Watch

Occupation: Tweets from the largest online economic community in the world.

Handle: @economywatch

Why: We're pretty good about not missing anything -- but if we think we might have, we turn to these guys.

Eddy Elfenbein

Occupation: Editor, Crossing Wall Street

Handle: @eddyelfenbein

Why: Years upon years of investment experience, boiled down to 140 characters or less. Also: incredibly witty.

Zero Hedge

Occupation: Id of finance

Handle: @zerohedge

Why: The bête noire of the markets and one of our favourite sparring partners. Breaking news and dangerous thoughts.

Forex Live

Occupation: Twitter feed of, which provides economic and currency exchange analysis.

Handle: @forexlive

Why: Super-fast takes on the economy, and what currencies are moving.

Matt O'Brien

Occupation: Associate editor at The Atlantic covering business & economics

Handle: @obsoletedogma

Why: Up and coming star. Despite Tweeting from Washington, has stellar economic insights.


Occupation: Twitter feed for Deal Breaker, which covers Wall Street culture and personalities in finance.

Handle: @dealbreaker

Why: 'Nuff said.

Doug Kass

Occupation: President of Seabreeze Partners Management Inc; The Street contributor

Handle: @dougkass

Why: Hedge fund trader tweeting trades in real time. Loads of experience and insight.

Sallie Krawcheck

Occupation: Former global wealth and investment management head at Bank of America; now

Handle: @salliekrawcheck

Why: Usually people who had this much power aren't on Twitter. She's new to Twitter, and already awesome at it.

Duke St. Journal

Occupation: Mysterious financial quipster

Handle: @dukestjournal

Why: Another keen analyst who prefers the lifestyle of an anony-snarker.

Meena Krishnamsetty

Occupation: Editor, Insider Monkey

Handle: @insidermonkey

Why: The BCS of hedge funds. If John Paulson made another bad trade, you'll hear it here first.

ValueWalk LLC

Occupation: Twitter feed for eponymous value investing website

Handle: @valuewalk

Why: Another site that hears things even before we do.

The Stone Street Mafia

Occupations: A popular group blog.

Handles: @dutch_book, @nakedbondbear, @the_analyst, @comfortablysmug

Why: A wide range of insights on bonds, currency, the economy, and Chinese stock frauds.

Street Insider

Occupation: Twitter feed of eponymous financial news site

Handle: @street_insider

Why: Market moving headlines: FAST.

Cullen Roche

Occupation: Editor, Pragmatic Capitalist

Handle: @pragcapitalist

Why: Superlative market perspective, one of the most influential economic thinkers today.

Naufal Sanaullah

Occupation: Undergrad(!)

Handle: @naufalsanaullah

Why: Market analysis prodigy. Michigan Wolverine. Knows trading and econ and everything in between.

Nouriel Roubini

Occupation: NYU Stern School Professor, Chairman of Roubini Global Economics

Handle: @nouriel

Why: Live doom.

Megan Greene

Occupation: Senior Economist at Roubini Global Economics; editor of

Handle: @economistmeg

Why: An hourly dose of Europacalyptica straight from London. Roubini's sidekick.

Also sprach Analyst

Occupation: Editor of eponymous investment analysis and China news website

Handle: @theanalyst_hk

Why: Excellent insights. Not nearly as apocalyptic as name suggests.

Howard Lindzon

Occupation: CEO/Co-Founder of Stocktwits

Handle: @howardlindzon

Why: Market news website pioneer.

Francine McKenna

Occupation: Editor, re: The Auditors

Handle: @retheauditors

Why: A lone voice crying out for accountability among accountants.

Linda Yueh

Occupation: Bloomberg TV's economics editor

Handle: @lindayueh

Why: Tweeting macro economic developments from around the world.

Tom Keene

Occupation: Host of Bloomberg TV's Bloomberg Surveillance

Handle: @tomkeene

Why: Might have more years covering the street than anyone at BI...combined.

Bob Ivry

Occupation: Bloomberg investigative reporter

Handle: @bobivry

Why: Self-described 'zombie bank reporter.' Remember that story about billions of dollars the Fed secretly lent? Yeah, he broke that.

Kevin Roose

Occupation: Lifestyle for New York Times' Dealbook

Handle: @kevinroose

Why: Our favourite billionaire-for-a-day.

Ryan Avent

Occupation: Economics correspondent for The Economist

Handle: @ryanavent

Why: Good economic insights all day.


Occupation: Tech/Media/Telecom hedge fund analyst

Handle: @tmtanalyst

Why: Libertarian market swashbuckler. Brooklyn represent.

Michael K. Dawson

Occupation: Trader and blogger

Handle: @trendrida

Why: Follow for specific ideas and general hilarity.

Matt Yglesias

Occupation: Slate's economics reporter

Handle: @mattyglesias

Why: Original economic insights. Datahunter extraordinaire. Not a punch puller.

Efthimia Efthimiou

Occupation: Finance reporter in Greece

Handle: @efiefthimiou

Why: Another reporter we like to consider our own personal Greece Hand.

Mark Thoma

Occupation: Economist, blogger

Handle: @markthoma

Why: One of the few tenured economists on this list (University of Oregon).

Occupation: Mysteriously knowledgeable Eurozone analyst

Handle: @_cb01

Why: He thinks through the sequences of the Eurozone meltdown so you don't have to.

Christopher Vecchio

Occupation: Currency analyst at forex research site DailyFX

Handle: @cvecchiofx

Why: 12,000 followers for a baby-faced currency analyst? Must be doing something right.

Stephen Gordon

Occupation: Economics professor at Laval University, Quebec City

Handle: @stephenfgordon

Why: Like listening to a really good econ lecture, 140 characters at a time.

Eli Radke

Occupation: Editor, Trader Habits

Handle: @eradke

Why: Insight, conversation, non-sequiturs.

Nate Silver

Occupation: Editor, 538

Handle: @fivethirtyeight

Why: We have a weakness for numbers guys. And knowing politics is going to be super important this year.

Jonathan Miller

Occupation: Housing analyst, CEO of appraiser group Miller Samuel Inc.

Handle: @jonathanmiller

Why: Our go-to housing guru.

Leigh Drogen

Occupation: Founder, Surfview Capital

Handle: @ldrogen

Why: Great stock thoughts, even better hockey thoughts.

Ezra Klein

Occupation: Blogger/Columnist, Washington Post

Handle: @ezraklein

Why: We think he's really good at Twitter -- solid retweets, eager conversationalist and not afraid to nerd out in public.

Mike Konczal

Occupation: Fellow at progressive thinktank Roosevelt Institute. Economics and finance blogger.

Handle: @rortybomb

Why: One of the most thought-provoking people we know. Also terrific article hunter.

Brad DeLong

Occupation: Economist at UC Berkeley

Handle: @delong

Why: On the Mount Rushmore of economics bloggers.

Cardiff Garcia

Occupation: FT Alphaville reporter

Handle: @cardiffgarcia

Why: King of understanding seasonality. Not afraid to use FTMFW.

Joseph Cotterill

Occupation: FT Alphaville reporter

Handle: @jsphctrl

Why: If you're into 'accounting curios du jour' -- and we are -- he's a must follow.

Robert Sinn

Occupation: Trader, investor, market analyst

Handle: @stocksage1

Why: One of our favourite traders.

FT Alphaville

Occupation: The FT's quasi-live blog.

Handle: @ftalphaville

Why: The nerdiest capital markets blog there is.

Brian M. Lucey

Occupation: Finance professor at Trinity College, Dublin

Handle: @brianmlucey

Why: Our man in Ireland.

David Schawel

Occupation: Fixed income portfolio manager; Editor, Economic Musings

Handle: @davidschawel

Why: Genius bond insights from the trenches.

Ryan Ruggiero

Occupation: Assignment Desk Manager and Social Media at CNBC

Handle: @ryanruggiero

Why: CNBC's quarterback.

Occupation: Some sort of trader...we think.

Handle: @ivanthek

Why: Live snarking during trading hours.

Sara Eisen

Occupation: Bloomberg TV markets reporter.

Handle: @saraeisenfx

Why: As close to instant forex info without actually being on the floor.

Andy Harless

Occupation: Chief Economist at Atlantic Asset Management; blogger

Handle: @andyharless

Why: Because we need some econ jargon in our life, but prefer it limited to 140 characters.

Kevin Depew

Occupation: Editor of Bloomberg's Economics Brief.

Handle: @kevindepew

Why: The only person on this list with an Emmy.

Peter Spiegel

Occupation: Brussels bureau chief of the Financial Times

Handle: @spiegelpeter

Why: An Orioles fan breaking big news in the heart of Old Europe.

P.C. Dunham

Occupation: Sell-side equities trader.

Handle: @pcdunham

Why: Live from the Gulf of Mexico.

Kevin Ferry

Occupation: Editor, The Contrarian Corner

Handle: @fearlicious

Why: In the pit Chicago bond trader.

Pawel Morski

Occupation: Fund manager

Handles: @pawelmorski

Why: Knows European financial markets cold.

Nick Malkoutzis

Occupation: Deputy editor of Greece's daily English language newspaper, Kathimerini English Edition

Handles: @nickmalkoutzis

Why: Front-row seat to Greece's slide into oblivion.

Eleftheria Kourtali

Occupation: Columnist for Kerdos Financial Newspaper in Greece

Handle: @ekourtali

Why: Knows faster than anyone what's happening in Greek financial markets.

Michael McDonough

Occupation: Econmist & Bloomberg Brief contributor

Handle: @m_mcdonough

Why: Global macro guru.

Occupation: Unknown

Handle: @alea_

Why: Knows everything about everything; top-notch on derivatives and Europe.

Nick Firoozye

Occupation: Eurozone fixed income strategiest at Nomura

Handle: @firoozye

Why: Nomura macro guru; finalist for Wolfson prize on best solution to breakup the Euro.

Occupation: Financial analyst

Handle: @munilass

Why: Expert on munibonds.

Eric Jackson

Occupation: Founder and managing partner, IronFire Capital

Handle: @ericjackson

Why: Hedge fund manager, expert on big tech and China.

Herb Greenberg

Occupation: CNBC senior stocks commentator

Handle: @herbgreenberg

Why: Unsung TV hero.

Steve Collins

Occupation: Global Head of Dealing at London & Capital Asset Management

Handle: @tradedesk_steve

Why: If you can stand the all-caps, he knows his stuff.

Justin Paterno

Occupation: Product Director at StockTwits

Handle: @zerobeta

Why: Knows the finance Twittersphere well. Also: really witty.

Occupation: Editor, Epicurean Dealmaker

Handle: @epicureandeal

Why: Classical perspective on modern problems.

Paul Theron

Occupation: CEO of Vestact, equities asset manager in Joburg/NewYork

Handle: @paul_vestact

Why: The smartest springbok we know.

Following these folks will leave you well positioned to advance your career on The Street.

If you've made it this far, we'll give you our cheat sheet.

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