9 of the best fast-food pizza chains across the US

Some pizza chains let you customise your pie. Melia Robinson/Business Insider
  • The United States is home to plenty of fast-food pizza chains with different specialties.
  • Pizza Hut and Little Caesars are some of the most well-known chains that serve pizza.
  • Blaze Pizza and MOD Pizza both offer customisable pies that can be loaded with any toppings.
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When you’re looking for something quick, easy, and delicious to eat, nothing quite hits the spot like gooey, cheesy pizza.

Luckily for pizza lovers, there are countless chains that offer delivery, dine-in, and take-home options.

Here are some of the best fast-food pizza chains across the US:

Pizza Hut is one of the largest and most well-known pizza chains.

Pizza Hut is a staple for many around the globe. Chris Urie for Insider

Founded in 1958 by brothers Dan and Frank Carney in Wichita, Kansas, Pizza Hut is now international and it was one of the first pizza chains to offer nationwide online ordering for delivery.

Its menu consists of a variety of pizzas, pasta dishes, wings, sides, desserts, and soft drinks.

Currently, there are over 16,000 franchised Pizza Huts across the globe in more than 100 countries.

Domino’s Pizza is a fast-growing, internationally franchised chain known for its unique menu items.

The chain has a signature domino logo. REUTERS/Thomas Peter

Domino’sPizza began in Michigan in 1960 when brothers Tom and James Monaghan bought a locally owned pizza restaurant called DomiNick’s for $US500.

The eatery underwent a number of changes and, after franchising many locations, Domino’s became the fastest-growing pizza chain in the US in 1985.

Today, the chain has almost 14,000 locations throughout the world and it is known for its menu of pizzas, sides, desserts, soft drinks, and unique hot sandwiches, plates of pasta, and chicken dishes.

Little Caesars is a worldwide pizza chain that’s known for affordability and speed.

The chain is known for having pizzas that are hot and ready to be picked up. Kim Bhasin / Business Insider

Little Caesars began in 1959 when husband and wife Mike and Marian Ilitch opened their first pizza restaurant in Garden City, Michigan.

The restaurant began to expand, eventually opening locations throughout the US and in countries all over the world.

For decades, Little Caesars has been known for its affordability and efficiency.

In 1979, the company launched its two-for-one pizza campaign, which established the tagline, “Pizza! Pizza!” that is now synonymous with the company. In 1997, Little Caesars began offering “hot-n-ready” pizzas that are available for quick pickup at any location.

The company currently has thousands of locations and has since expanded to offer delivery.

Papa John’s Pizza is the fourth-largest pizza chain in the US.

The chain has a signature garlic dipping sauce. Hollis Johnson

“Papa” John Schnatter founded the first Papa John’s restaurant in 1984.

He opened the restaurant in the back of his father’s tavern and the company quickly grew to have thousands of locations, including franchised, independently owned restaurants.

Papa John’s brands itself as a pizza company focused on using “fresh, quality ingredients,” which are all listed on its website. The chain offers takeout and delivery of its menu, which consists of pizzas, sides, desserts, drinks, and its signature garlic dipping sauce.

In 2018, the company was named the fourth-largest pizza chain in America behind Domino’s, Pizza Hut, and Little Caesar’s.

At Blaze Pizza, you can customise your pie to the extreme.

The pizzas from Blaze can be customised to your liking. Melia Robinson/Business Insider

Blaze Pizza was founded in 2011 by Rick and Elise Wetzel, the founders of the popular chain Wetzel’s Pretzels.

The California-based chain’s biggest draw is that it offers fresh-made dough and allows diners to customise their own pizzas.

Customers can choose from a range of crusts (including keto-friendly, vegan, and gluten-free options), plus tons of different cheeses, proteins, vegetables, and sauces. After being customised, the pies are cooked with fire at the location and are ready within minutes.

The chain also serves signature lemonades, agua frescas (fruity blended drinks), and desserts.

Hunt Brothers Pizza is a chain with locations at gas stations, schools, and convenience stores.

You can get pizzas that are loaded with toppings. Nicole A/Yelp

Brothers Don, Charlie, Jim, and Lonnie Hunt established Hunt Brothers Pizza in 1991.

Based in Nashville, Tennessee, Hunt Brothers is a chain that is located in places such as gas stations, convenience stores, sports arenas, schools, and even military bases.

Hunt Brothers Pizza is focused on being available to customers whether they are at home or on the road, and it currently has thousands of locations throughout the US.

Sbarro is a quick-serve pizza chain that’s often located in malls, airports, and other locations.

Sbarro is known for its New York-style pizza. Alex Wong/Getty Images

Established in 1956 by Carmela and Gennaro Sbarro in Brooklyn, New York, Sbarro set out to serve large slices of New York-style pizza to people looking for a quick meal. Today, the goal is still the same.

The company operates over 600 locations throughout 28 countries, and Sbarro eateries can be found in shopping malls, airports, service areas, schools, casinos, and even The Pentagon.

Its menu consists of the classic extra-large New York-style pizza, thick-crust pizza, stromboli, pasta, salads, and other sides.

MOD Pizza serves special create-your-own pizzas.

The company has hundreds of locations. Melia Robinson/Business Insider

Founded in 2008 by husband and wife Scott and Ally Svenson in their hometown of Seattle, MOD Pizza is different from many other pizza chains.

Instead of offering customers a choice of established pizza recipes, MOD Pizza has a create-your-own model. Customers order individual pizzas and customise them with over 30 different toppings.

The pizzas are made when you order them and are then baked in a high-heat oven for mere minutes. The result is a completely personalised, fast-casual pizza experience that has MOD pizza growing in popularity.

The company has over 400 locations throughout the US and UK.

Marco’s Pizza was established by an Italian man who is committed to serving authentic pizza.

Marco’s has been around since the late 1970s. Savanna Swain-Wilson

In 1978, Italy native Pasquale “Pat” Giammarco founded Marco’s Pizza in Oregon, Ohio, just outside of Toledo. His original goal was to serve high-quality, authentic Italian food featuring his family’s trademark sauce recipe.

Today, the chain seems to be achieving Giammarco’s goal around the globe – Marco’s Pizza is now a fast-growing chain with over 900 locations across 35 states and four countries. In 2019, Marco’s was also dubbed one of the best pizza chains in America.

The chain’s menu features a variety of pizzas, sub sandwiches, salads, sides, and desserts.

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