The Best Ebooks And Online Novels

Outlaw readers, I’m wondering what some of your all-time favourite ebooks are. Below I share a few of mine.

I’m not talking about books that were published conventionally and then came to the Kindle and digital format afterward — instead, I’m talking about “home-grown” Internet e-books that began as online-only works, and either stayed that way… or eventually made their way into offline print as well.

Lord of the Rings A long epic like J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings is ideal for Kindle. It will keep you occupied for days…

How To Be Remarkable is a case study in how to do a popular e-book launch right. Written by Colin Wright, it’s beautifully designed and filled with excellent insight.

The Real Meaning of Life actually started as a collaborative e-book, edited by me back when I was a freshman in college at NYU. After a brief write-up in USA Today, I got a real publishing contract for the book — for a little while around 2005, it was really popular, and a “pinch-me” moment came when I saw a huge stack of my own shiny books at the local Urban Outfitters near my campus. Today, it lives on in Kindle form, which is definitely cool to see (although I had nothing to do with it).

— Provided by Outlaw