The 11 best dryers on the market right now

Samsung DryerAmazonThe Samsung DV50F9A8EVW/A2 dryer was one of FindTheBest’s top picks.

Though often an overlooked appliance, a good dryer can keep your clothes looking their best for longer.

Our friends at FindTheBest tracked down the best dryers on the market right now using their Smart Rating system, which takes into account individual features, warranty, value, and expert rankings.

Here are their top 11 picks:

11. Samsung DV50F9A8EVW/A2 ($US989)

For under $US1,000, the Samsung DV50F9A8EVW/A2 offers 15 preset cycles, NSF sanitation certification, and Steam Drying technology to reduce wrinkles. Its transparent front door also allows users to monitor their clothes throughout the cycle.

10. Samsung DV50F9A7EVW/A2 ($US999)

With Steam Dry technology and an adjustable dryer rack, this dryer will keep your clothes looking their best. The Samsung DV50F9A7EVW/A2 is also stackable, making it an ideal choice for apartment living.

9. Samsung DV457EVGSGR/A1 ($US1,534)

This sleek silver dryer connects with your smartphone, letting you monitor your laundry from anywhere. The app allows you to control this model remotely as well, so you can start and stop it without ever getting off the couch. Additionally, the Samsung DV457EVGSGR/A1 features 14 preset cycles and five temperature settings.

8. Samsung DV457EVGSWR/A1 ($US1,400)

With a Smart Rating of 97, the Samsung DV457EVGSWR/A1 is equipped with touchscreen controls, 14 preset cycle options, and NSF sanitation certification. It also has an impressive energy factor of 3.51 — the highest available — making it one of the most energy efficient dryers on the market right now.

7. Samsung DV455EVGSGR/AA ($US1,472)

This electric Samsung DV455EVGSGR/AA dryer features several of Samsung’s top amenities, including wrinkle prevention, delayed start options, and Steam Dry technology. Its Eco Normal feature reduces energy use up to 15%, making it a smart buy for the environmentally-friendly as well.

6. Samsung DV435ETGJRA/A1 ($US1,499)

The Samsung DV435ETGJRA/A1’s Smart Care feature makes it a great buy for the technology-savvy: it syncs with your smartphone, allowing users to quickly troubleshoot for problems. And with its cherry-red hue, this dryer will add a fun pop of colour to any drab laundry room.

5. Samsung DV455EVGSWR ($US1,075)

Electrolux dryer


With an energy factor of 3.31, the Samsung DV455EVGSWR dryer is among the most energy-efficient on the market, drying more clothes per kilowatt hour of electricity than most others. It features 13 drying cycles, five different temperature settings, and an average drying time of only 20 minutes.

4. Samsung DV435ETGJWR/A1 ($US1,399)

With a near-perfect Smart Rating of 98, the Samsung DV435ETGJWR/A1 is a solid choice. This dryer offers 16 preset drying cycles, five temperature settings, and five timer settings. Additionally, Steam Dry technology helps remove odours and reduce wrinkling.

3. Samsung DV433ETGJWR/A1 ($US1,299)

When it comes to dryers, size matters: The Samsung DV433ETGJWR/A1 fits more clothes at a time than an average dryer, meaning you can do fewer loads — it’s even big enough to hold a king size comforter. This dryer can also sense moisture in each load, allowing it to adjust drying time so sensitive clothes aren’t over-dried.

2. Electrolux EWMED70JIW ($US1,212)

With Luxury-Quiet technology, the Electrolux EWMED70JIW will run silently in the background without disrupting your entire household. It also features temperature control to protect clothes from heat and fast-dry settings to get loads finished without the wait.

1. Electrolux EWMED70JSS ($US1,300)

With a perfect 100 Smart Rating, this dryer can’t be beat. The Electrolux EWMED70JSS is equipped with a whopping 92 preset cycles and seven temperature settings, and takes a mere 14 minutes on average to dry a load. It’s also lined with Luxury-Design lighting, making it easy to find and grab a specific article of clothing when you’re in a rush.

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