The Best Credit Cards For College Students

My favourite credit card pick for college students who are new to the credit game has to be the Discover More Student Card, which is available with a 0% intro APR promotion through Outlaw‘s card offers portal.

The 0% introductory APR lasts for 6 months, you earn 5% Cash Back in changing spend categories such as gas, travel, and restaurants, plus there’s Discover’s standard $0 fraud liability and this card has no annual fee.

Unlike the “senior” version of the Discover More Card, this one is something that those fairly new to the world of credit can apply for — it’s a college student-friendly card, so they aren’t looking for a 750 or 800 credit score, obviously.

I recommend readers who are in college compare this card with any offers you may have received from Citi — they are another college-friendly card issuer, in my opinion (my very first credit card sophomore year of college was a Citi Platinum Dividend Select MasterCard, although that card no longer exists.)

Another college-friendly issuer is Capital One. Compare the Discover More Student Card to Capital One’s Classic Platinum and Cash Rewards cards, both of which require only “average” credit. (Although both of those cards have a $39 annual fee, unlike the Discover student offer.)

— provided by Outlaw; more deals in our card offers portal.

Disclosures: We’re a credit card offers site, so obviously we maintain financial relationships with numerous banks and financial institutions, including some of the card issuers mentioned in this article. No relationship or position on Capital One or Citigroup at time of publication.

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