The 10 best countries to live abroad

Malta HarbourValery Bareta / ShutterstockMalta is one of the top ranked countries for expats to live in. just released its Expat Insider Survey for 2015, which ranks the best countries for expats to live in.

In order to complete the survey, InterNations asked a total of 14,000 participants from 195 countries a series of questions relating to their abroad experience.

The resulting list of top destinations for expats is based off factors such as job opportunities, salary considerations, quality of life, and safety.

Ecuador, Mexico, and Malta were ranked the top three destinations for expats.

Ecuador took the top spot due to its low cost of living and high quality of life. Expats in Mexico agree that settling in the country and adjusting to its culture is easy, and those in Malta experience high job satisfaction and good work-life balance.

The top 10 countries — listed below — span the globe. For the complete survey results, scroll down to the graphic.

1. Ecuador

2. Mexico

3. Malta

4. Singapore

5. Luxembourg

6. New Zealand

7. Thailand

8. Panama

9. Canada

10. Australia

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