The 25 Best Colleges To Attend If You Want A Job As A Software Developer

Henry Hillman, Bill GatesREUTERS/Chris WattieVenture capitalist Henry Hillman and Microsoft cofounder celebrate the opening of a computer science building at Carnegie Mellon, a project they helped fund.

More college students are pursuing programs in engineering and applied sciences than ever before.

Software developers in particular have a very complex set of skills, and a good college education can be the key to success in this field.

LinkedIn recently ranked the best colleges to attend if you want a job as a software developer. To create the list, LinkedIn identified the most desirable companies for developers — Google, Apple, and Oracle, for example — that both attracted and retained employees. They then analysed which colleges had the greatest percentage of recent grads working as developers at those companies.

These jobs are famously lucrative, too. Engineers at major tech companies have some of the highest salaries around, not to mention the free food, fun work atmosphere, and the other numerous perks tech workers are known to enjoy.

Here are the best schools for aspiring software developers:

1. Carnegie Mellon University

2. California Institute of Technology

3. Cornell University

4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

5. Princeton University

6. University of California, Berkeley

7. University of Washington

8. Duke University

9. (tie) University of Michigan

9. (tie) Stanford University

11. University of California, Los Angeles

12. University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign

13. The University of Texas at Austin

14. Brown University

15. University of California, San Diego

16. Harvard University

17. Rice University

18. University of Pennsylvania

19. University of Arizona

20. Harvey Mudd College

21. The University of Texas at Dallas

22. San Jose State University

23. University of Southern California

24. Washington University in St. Louis

25. Rochester Institute of Technology

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