A Poll Asked People In 24 Different Countries To Pick The Best City In The World

Ipsos, a market research organisation, recently conducted a poll to find
The World’s Favourite City.

The company polled more than 18,000 people in 24 countries to find out the best cities to do business in, live in, and visit.

Ipsos then tallied the responses to determine which global cities ranked the highest across all three categories.

The overall winner this year was New York, followed by London, Paris, Abu Dhabi, and Sydney. Zurich was named the world’s best city to live, while New York was voted the top city for business. Paris was the best city to visit, Ipsos found.

The most interesting part of the Ipsos study, however, was that it looked at what individual countries thought were the best cities. Some countries had a lot of national pride — Japan, for instance, ranked Tokyo as number one in all three categories.

On the other hand, Madrid failed to even make the top 10 list in Spain. The Spanish public was much more eager to live in either Stockholm, Zurich, or Berlin.

Check out the full list of each country’s favourite overall city below, and explore the entire interactive study here.

  • Argentina‘s favourite city is New York

  • Australia loves its native Sydney

  • Belgium rated New York as its favourite city

  • Brazil chose New York as the best, too

  • Canada hearts Toronto

  • China thinks Hong Kong is the greatest city

  • France loves Paris

  • Germany chose Berlin as its favourite city

  • Great Britain thinks New York is the best world city

  • Hungary rated Zurich the highest

  • India‘s favourite city is Singapore

  • Italy rated New York as its favourite city

  • Japan really, really loves Tokyo

  • Mexico chose Paris as its favourite city

  • Poland also chose Paris as the best

  • Russia picked Paris, too

  • Saudi Arabia loves Abu Dhabi

  • South Africa‘s favourite world city is New York

  • South Korea is very proud of Seoul

  • Spain voted New York as the best city

  • Sweden also chose New York

  • Turkey loves its Istanbul

  • And the United States hearts New York

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