I asked more than 20 healthcare leaders for their best career advice -- here's the one that stuck with me

ReadingPaul Keller/flickrYour favourite day might be relaxing with a good book or magazine.

The healthcare industry has been growing rapidly, with more than 15.4 million people currently employed.

Because it’s growing so fast, we asked more than 20 healthcare executives for the best advice they’d give people who are interested in a career in healthcare.

I heard a lot about finding your passion, being open to opportunities that don’t fit into the five-year plan, etc. But the best piece of advice I heard? “Characterise your favourite day.”

It’s pretty straightforward, explained Dr. Rachel Humphrey, the chief medical officer of biotech company CytomX. Picture your perfect day. It could be a weekend day where you’re home reading, or a day teaching others, or just spending time with family. For Humphrey, it’s solving puzzles and being around people.

“Define your favourite day and aim for it,” she told Business Insider. “If what you’re doing does not put you in your favourite day, go find it.”

Jumping into something new that seems like your favourite day can be daunting, but jumping around from job to job every few years accrues experience, which is valuable. “Recognise that every new experience is building on the next,” she said.

And that favourite day might change over the years, based on where your career heads or what’s going on in your family life. So, Humphrey said, it’s important to keep re-evaluating to make sure you’re always in your favourite day.

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