This Vine star with millions of fans just won a Teen Choice Award -- here are his best clips

On Sunday night, 20-year-old Cameron Dallas won the Teen Choice Award for Best Viner as well as the male Choice Web Star.

It’s an enviable title that also went to YouTube sensation Bethany Mota in the female Choice Web Star category and that pits social media stars with millions of followers against each other.

This win was not a surprise to fans of Dallas who have been watching him grow from an early Vine sensation in 2013 to a budding actor with movies like “Expelled” and the upcoming “The Outfield.” 

With 5.26 million Twitter followers, 7.3 million Instagram fans, and 8.2 million followers on Vine, Dallas has the mass-appeal that could translate into movie stardom one day and is definitely one to watch.

Check out everything you need to know about the 2015 Teen Choice Male Web Star, Cameron Dallas, along with 13 of his best Vines.

Cameron Dallas is a 20-year-old from Chino, California who started on Vine back in 2013 making videos of his family, friends, and daily life.

Originally, he took Vines off the cuff around his house and with friends. But after starting to gain traction on the platform, he began editing, writing, and thinking seriously about his videos by September 2013.

Suddenly, Dallas found himself with a massive following. A video of him being chased in the New York subway and running away from screaming fans shows just how popular he had become.

But what really catapulted Dallas from a popular Vine creator to a star was an event known as Magcon. Magcon stand for 'Meet and Greet Convention' and sent Dallas alongside other boyishly good-looking male Vine celebs around the country.

The 'Magcon Boys' would goof off, do backflips, and banter. They charged fans $32 for a general admission ticket and $150 for VIP tickets, which ensured you got a spot in the front row and a chance to take selfies with all the guys.

Touring with other Vine stars allowed Dallas and friends like Nash Grier, Carter Reynolds, and Matthew Espinosa to combine their talents and make videos together in their hotel rooms and venues. Fans loved their school boy banter.

But some of their content was not so well-received. In late 2013, Nash Grier and Dallas released a video called 'what guys look for in girls' that majorly backfired. Critics called the video 'problematic' and 'abusive.' He was forced to do damage control.

Despite any backlash, Dallas's star continued to rise. By April of 2014, he had become too big for Magcon and decided to leave the tour to focus on other projects, like longer YouTube videos.

Dallas also began focusing on his acting career. In December of last year, his Ferris Bueller-esque movie 'Expelled' had a very brief theatrical release before it was released to DVD. Still, thanks to his fans, Dallas's movie became the no. 1 movie on iTunes. It even stayed in the top 10 for four weeks.

He also was chosen to be a part of teenage clothing brand Aeropostale's latest campaign. Though there's no information on how much Dallas makes from his campaign deals, they can be worth anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000 per social post.

Life wasn't a complete breeze for the Vine star, however. In March 2015, Dallas was arrested for allegedly throwing a paint can out of his sixth floor window. He was arrested on felony vandalism and held on $20,000 bail.

Despite professing to not really being able to sing in some of his Vines, Dallas released a song called 'She Bad' in April. He raps throughout the song and was a huge fit with his fans.

For now, Dallas seems to still be focusing on his acting. He has an upcoming movie called 'The Outfield' where he will co-star alongside fellow Vine sensation Nash Grier.

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