The Best Business Lessons From Ari Gold

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Here’s some great TV watching while you eat lunch today. published 6 clips from HBO’s hit show, Entourage, with tips you can use (tactfully) in the office.

Enjoy these crude but hilarious clips of Ari Gold’s management style.

How to fire in style

Firing someone isn't fun, but when it comes to sending a message to your team sometimes it needs to be done.

Ari Gold vs Terrance: Lessons in negotiation

Becoming a shrewd negotiator takes lots of practice finding leverage in any situation.

Ari Gold: Terminator mode

Sometimes a company just needs a little shakedown.

Lloyd's diary: I want a promotion

Make your employees pay their dues, but give respect where respect is due.

Lloyd's Diary - July 26, 2009

Lloyd's pep talk to Ari

Take a page out of Lloyd's book and keep the end game in mind like he did while hustling his way through Stanford Business School.

Turtle's new business

Not quite as successful as Ari, but it's a good experiment in how sex sells.

Ep. 79: Turtle's New Business

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