The best briefcase at every price point

Swaine Adeney BriggSwaine Adeney BriggThe Swaine Adeney Lombard ($US3,400)

Face it: You can’t get away with bringing a backpack to work anymore. There is a better way.

Briefcases have come back — but don’t worry, these aren’t your father’s bags.

Gone are the metal attaché cases and hard shell leather cases. They have been replaced by softcases made to hold more MacBooks than nuclear codes.

It’s finally time to upgrade your work bag, and you can’t go wrong with any one of these suggestions. We’ve even broken it down by price point, so you can find the perfect bag for your workplace and budget.

$75+: J Crew Abingdon Messenger Bag

Price: $US98

At this price range, you won't get leather -- except on the bundles. What you will get from the Abingdon Messenger Bag is something rather serviceable, but not too fancy.

It's made out of waxed cotton canvas, making it tough and waterproof.

$250+: Filson Original Briefcase

Price: $US265

For $US150 dollars more, you still won't get good leather -- but you will get a huge quality upgrade. The Original Briefcase is tough as nails in all aspects. A true heritage piece, it will last decades.

The downside: it's a bit cumbersome, as it's made out of heavy canvas and bridle leather.

$350+: Billykirk Schoolboy Satchel

Price: $US375

At the $US300+ range, we finally start approaching leather cases. The Schoolboy Satchel is a bit small, but it has an attractive, simple design based on the bag medics carried in World War II.

It's made out of hides from Horween Leather, one of the finest tanneries in America.

$500+: Jack Spade Fulton Leather Darrow Brief

Price: $US528

A more contemporary take on the classic briefcase, the Jack Spade Fulton Leather Darrow Brief may look soft, but it's structured to stand on its own.

The leather is soft and supple, and is made to stand up to age.

$700+: Tusting Marston Briefcase

Price: $US700

Made in England out of hyper-tough bridle leather, the Marston Briefcase is handsome and minimalist -- without being boring.

It has a single zipped compartment big enough to hold everything you need and yet is still lightweight.

$1,000+: Lotuff Wells Briefcase

Price: $US1,200

The Wells is a classically styled French-gusset portfolio brief with just enough space for the essentials. Made with solid brass hardware and Lotuff's own specially processed leather, it's thin and light and won't slow you down as you dash across town.

$1,750+: Tarnsjo Garveri Icon

Price: $US1,805

The perfect size for a briefcase, the Icon is named such for a reason: it really is unique. From its special front closure device to the large back pocket, this brief is one that will seriously turn heads.

The Cognac hue is achieved through a special tanning process.

$3,000+: Swaine Adeney Lombard

Price: $US3,400

One of the names in English handmade bridle leather briefcases, Swaine Adeney's Lombard won't bat an eye at anything you throw at it. The inside is lined with pigskin and the impact-resistant structure will protect your belongings.

The lock closure adds an extra layer of security for your laptop and sensitive documents.

$5,000+: Bole Double Minister Briefcase

Price: $US5,500

The Double Minister Briefcase is like nothing else on this list. It's famous in Sweden for being the briefcase carried by a former Prime Minister -- which is where it gets its peculiar name.

It's made from a single hide of Swedish cattle, tanned in-house, and lined with reindeer hide.

$7,500+: Hermes Sac a Depeches

Price: $US8,450

Here it is, the one briefcase that all other briefcases must measure themselves against: the Sac a Depeches. Like many of the accessories at Hermés, this is a status piece. But if you're going to spend this much on a briefcase, you should get more than just a leather bag.

The case is handmade from premium pebbled leather with the guarantee of Hermés quality.

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