39 of the most hilariously bad texts people have sent their exes

“Texts from your ex” is a wildly popular Instagram account that chronicles the bad texts we, as a society, send our former flames.

From drunken awkwardness to tragic pleading, this stream of (allegedly) real texts, sent in by fans, has snagged 1.8 million followers. It even has a book.

The account was founded by Elan Gale, one of the producers of TV show, “The Bachelor.” In some ways, this Instagram account is exactly like his show: we aren’t sure how much of it is “real,” but it captures something about humanity, and it’s definitely entertaining.

Read on for 39 of the best worst texts people have sent to their exes:

When you know, you know.

The glimmer of hope.

Gotta have that new iOS to see the new emojis.

This has happened to all of us.

The icy touch of rationality.

Just asking questions.

Well that took a turn.

Autocorrect got to the heart of the matter.


Just trying to make conversation.

But really now, would you?

Bad idea.

Look, you knew what I was saying.

I see what you did there.

You should probably just turn off your phone at this point.

What keeps me up at night.

I'm not crying, ok.

Yeah, about last night.

Tell me something I don't know.

Why can't we unsubscribe from people?

Grammar police.

Paging Mark Zuckerberg.

Not even sure what's going on here.

OK, ok ... but do you?

More than a hint.

No smiles zone.

But wait ... then how can you ...

The face says it all.

There's levels to this.

I can neither confirm nor deny.


It was a good strategy.

Land of the free.

The boss is in the building.

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