The Best And Worst Months To Get Married In Australia

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Planning on getting married and want to pick the best time of the year?

By the way, you should also feel fine about getting married. There are a lot of other Australians doing just that.

There were 123,244 marriages registered last year, the highest number in any single year.

The busiest month for wedding bells is March followed by November, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The least popular is July. So if you’re having trouble booking a venue, try mid winter.

January also isn’t that busy but how are you going to ensure everyone is there when many go on holiday at that time?

Source: ABS

The number of marriages each year has been steadily increasing for more than a decade.

But the proportion of people getting officially hitched is getting smaller.

In 2012, the crude marriage rate was 5.4 marriages per 1,000 people compared with 6.6 twenty years ago.

Source: ABS

We’re marrying older. About 30 is the right age and a civil celebrant is the now the preferred master of ceremonies.

Church weddings don’t have the attraction they used to.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

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