22 hacks to make your airport time more awesome

Flying can be stressful, expensive, and exhausting — but it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve rounded up the best tricks to make your next trip through the airport as easy as possible.

1. Get TSA PreCheck or Global Entry

If you’re headed for the US, sign up for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry. The US Customs and Border protection pre-approval is basically a pre-flight upgrade, and will get you through security and onto the plane faster.

2. Book red-eye flights for an emptier airport

Long lines, crowded commutes, and traffic can be avoided by picking off-peak flights, especially overnight ones.

3. Pick the security line that’s all the way to the left

Research has found that because most people are right handed, they gravitate towards the right, leaving security lines on the left with fewer people.

4. Or, pick the security line with the fewest staff

If all the lines are equally long, choose the one with only one lone staffer staring at the computer. If there are two, chances are that one of them is being trained, and that pretty much every item will be stopped as it goes through the x-ray.

5. Bring Ziploc bags

Instead of awkwardly pulling shampoos and lotions out of your kit, keep liquids in a separate Ziploc to easily pull out of your carry on. Bring an extra one to throw in your keys, jewellery and change at security as well, rather than grappling with loose change on the other side, barefoot, while the guy behind you tries to push by.

6. Pack extra densely to sneak on fluids

This might be risky, but the denser you pack your bag (lots of shoes, cables and electronics), the harder it is to see details on the x-ray, meaning that you might be able to sneak a bottle of wine onboard. However, you also risk losing it.

Frozen water bottle

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7. Get liquids through security by freezing them

Ice is a solid, of course, so as long as liquids are frozen (make sure they don’t melt by the time you get to the airport), they may be fine.

8. Or, bring an empty bottle

Another way of bypassing the exorbitant cost of water at the airport is to simply bring an empty bottle. All airports have water fountains, and most even have water bottle filling stations.

9. Take a screenshot of your mobile boarding pass

Mobile boarding passes can be fickle. Sometimes the app signs you out, sometimes it crashes, sometimes you just don’t have service. Take a screenshot of your boarding pass for easy access and to bypass any app related issues.

10. Avoid luggage cart fees

Most airports no longer charge for luggage carts, but should you find yourself in one of the few airports that does, head to the pickup area to find a few strays that people have abandoned when getting picked up. Bonus: Smarte Carte will give you cash for returning carts.

11. Be loyal to one airline

Loyalty to an airline, as well as frequent flyer and reward programs, will get you perks like upgrades, lounge access, and priority boarding.

12. Get the GateGuru app

Basically an airport bible, this app tracks departure and arrival times, estimates checkpoint wait times, features terminal maps with ATMs, bathrooms, lounges, shops and restaurants, as well as reviews, and even helps with discounted Avis car rental bookings. You can also choose to get push notifications for real-time updates to your itinerary (like gate changes, security wait time changes, delays or layover time adjustments). Another fun feature is that the app stores your travel stats, keeping track of the airports you’ve visited, miles you’ve flown and how you compare to other users.

13. Sit near a lounge for free wi-fi

This might not always work, but often at lounges the wi-fi signal is strong enough to extend beyond its doors, so sitting right outside of it may get you free wi-fi.

14. Check FourSquare for free wi-fi

Foursquare users not only post tips on the best meals, but often share wi-fi passwords.

15. Try to get into the lounge for free

Most lounges allow members to bring in a non-member. If you’re friendly enough, you might be able to convince someone entering the lounge to sign you in as well.

16. Download the LoungeBuddy app

A handful of credit cards, like the Visa Black Card, Chase Ink Plus, Citi Prestige, and American Express Platinum, to name a few, either include free lounge access or a certain number of day passes a year. The LoungeBuddy app will not only help you figure out what lounges you can access by analysing your itinerary, credit cards and loyalty status, but also maps out what lounges are nearby, as well as traveller’s reviews of lounges around the world.

17. Or, treat yourself to a lounge pass

Most airport lounges sell day passes, and others aren’t affiliated with airlines at all. While these passes can be pricey (though buying them online in advance is usually a lot cheaper), if you have a lot of time to kill you might end up saving money, since access to the lounge includes wi-fi and food, both of which are notoriously expensive at airports.

18. Bring a double adapter

There are never ever enough outlets at airports, so bring your own splitter and make some new friends.

19. Know where to get some shuteye

Airport chapels are a good place to find some peace and quiet, but if you’re looking to catch some zzzs, check Sleepinginairports.net for the best places to sleep at airports around the world.

20. Never wait in line to get rebooked

If your flight gets cancelled or there’s a really long delay, you’ll find yourself in a stampede heading towards the help desk. Instead of following the herd, get on the phone with your airline ASAP. Get even more of an edge by pre-programming their numbers into your phone, because when a flight with hundreds of people gets cancelled, every second counts. The person on the phone can do everything the gate agent can, and may even have more options for rebooking. Plus, you get to skip the line. That said, the line is often worth it for food and hotel vouchers, should they be giving those out.

21. Tweet airlines

Arguing with some poor, stressed out gate agent will never do you any good, but we’ve found that airlines are super responsive to social media, especially tweets. As long as you’re polite, tweeting at airlines might get you some extra perks.

22. Don’t be afraid to ask for things

Always ask for upgrades — the worst that can happen is a polite rebuffal.

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