The Best Airport Food In America

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Over at GateGuru, the one-stop day of travel app, we’ve created an open forum where travellers can finally voice their opinion on airport amenities, and that is exactly what people have done… to the tune of 35,000 reviews!

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But we don’t want to keep those opinions bottled up.  

Rather we want to free them to the general public so that everybody has access to the knowledge that is contained within GateGuru.

To do that we are going to start publishing the most authoritative list on everything airports.  Best dining, best lounges, best shops, heck best AIRPORTS!  

To start, we have put together the Definitive Guide to America’s favourite Airport Restaurants. From casual to formal, this comprehensive list will serve as your guide to airport gastronomy.  

So on your next trip, don’t forget to consult GateGuru to see if a favourite Airport restaurant is going to be in your airport or terminal.  Happy travels!

25) Interstate Barbecue

24) Ufood Grill

23) Shapiro's Delicatessen

22) Silver Diner

21) Urban Taco

20) Chick-fil-A

19) The Salt Lick

18) Café Intermezzo

17) Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen

16) Nonna Bartolotta

15) Anthony's Restaurant & Fish Bar

14) Sushi Maki

13) Chef Jimmy's Bistro

12) Brioche Doree

11) Harry & Izzy's

10) Nature's Table

9) Lenny's Sub Shop

8) Ivar's Seafood Bar

7) Five Guys

5) One Flew South

6) Potbelly Sandwich Works

4) Ike's Coffee Bar & Cocktails

3) Garrett's Popcorn

2) Vino Volo

1) Amy's Ice Cream

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