The Best 4 Out Of 500 Startups

Sarah Paiji SnapetteSarah Paiji is cofounder of Snapette

Photo: Ann Lam via Viewsline

Last night, 500 Startups invaded General Assembly and gave demos for the New York tech community.We stuck around for a dozen of the presentations. Here were the ones that stood out:

ToutApp: As any sales or PR professional knows, sending blind emails is disheartening.

You craft an email pitch, send it to multiple people, and hear nothing back. You have no idea if the recipients read the message or not.

ToutApp is an email add-on that makes it as easy to create and use email templates as it is to bold text. It also provides email analytics, so the sender can see if recipients opened messages or deleted them.

Snapette: This startup brings pictures to local search.  It is like Food Spotting but it focuses on fashion, in particular women’s bags and shoes. If you’re visiting NYC and need a pair of shoes for an interview, you can scroll through trending items in stores near you, check out items instead of store names on a Google Map, and decide if you want to pop in the shop.

Daily Aisle: It’s Kayak for weddings. Before Daily Aisle, brides-to-be had to call venues, ask for available dates and price ranges, then hike up to the location and scout it out.  On Daily Aisle, women can do all of that from the computer.  They type in a desired location, dates, budget and number of guests. Relevant, available venues will pop up.

Culture Kitchen: “Raise your hand if you’re white,” 500 Startups’ Dave McClure introduced Culture Kitchen.  “Now raise your hand if you like ethnic food.  The problem is, you’re all white and you can’t cook that sh*t!” 

Culture Kitchen works with immigrants to bring recipes to the masses so people of all ethnicities can cook cultural food that tastes like the real thing.

“I feel like I adopted a Chinese grandmother,” one happy user wrote.

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