Tour The Brand New Bentley Hotel Suite That Costs $9,500 A Night

the bentley suite at the st regis hotel

Photo: Meredith Galante/Business Insider

The smell of leather fills the air, and wood veneers shine.But we’re not in a brand new luxury car. We’ve stepped inside the Bentley suite at the St. Regis Hotel in New York, which was officially unveiled today.

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The $9,500-a-night suite, which was designed by Bentley, is the storied hotel’s third designer showcase room. It has had fruitful relationships with Tiffany’s and Dior (we checked out the charming Tiffany’s suite last year), and plans to announce two more partnerships soon, said Paul Nash, the general manager of the St. Regis.

“This isn’t your father’s hotel anymore,” Nash said. “We are keeping things relevant.”

The suite was outfitted for two adults or or a family of four. But don’t clear your calendar just yet; it’s already booked through the end of the year.

“The clean lines and handmade materials are all trademark Bentley,” he continued. “It’s the attention to detail that makes Bentley and this room so great.”

As part of the partnership, the hotel will also receive a 2013 Mulsanne, the first in North America. 

Nash said that he didn’t expect the high price tag to scare off potential guests. He said, “knowing that no one else in the world is staying in a suite like this when you are is all the more reason to reserve it.”

The Bentley Suite is on the 15th floor of the hotel.

When you enter, there's a leather stitched wall and an abstract table designed to resemble Bentley's logo.

The St. Regis and Bentley partnered with Wimberly Interiors to design the room. The hotel has 14-foot-high ceilings, a designer's dream.

The TV stand is made of wood from the United Kingdom, and was completely hand made.

If you stay in the Bentley suite, the hotel will set up a complimentary car service to take you around.

Parties of more than two adults can reserve a connecting room. It doesn't have the Bentley flare, but is still pretty luxurious.

Even the leather on this bench is hand-stitched.

There's a view of Central Park from the hotel's 55th Street and Fifth Avenue address.

Of course, there are plenty of model Bentleys in the room.

The door handle to the bedroom is made of the same materials used in the engine of the Bentley.

The accent wall in the bedroom is made of stitched silk.

The bedroom has a sitting area, where you can read from leather-bound books about Bentley's history.

There are a total of three TV's in the suite. The dining room wasn't quite finished when we toured, so we missed out on the 60-inch television in there.

There are bedside lamps and reading lamps.

A sketch of the 2015 Bentley SUV hangs next to the bed. It's one of the only sketches of the car in the world.

The end tables next to the bed are made from the same picnic hampers that will be in the back of the 2015 SUV.

The bed is a sleigh bed.

The entire suite spans 1,700 square feet.

The bathroom is going to be renovated in 2013, and have a larger television. This is a boy's suite, after all.

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