Control Your Entire Home With The Belkin WeMo Switch

This is the Belkin WeMo Switch.

Why We Love It: This app/plug combination package allows you to use your home Wi-Fi network to turn on and off electronic devices. The intuitive app is easy to set up, and allows you to activate switches manually, on a schedule, or by activating the motion sensors when you walk into a room. There’s no set range for WeMo, meaning you can use your mobile internet to turn off electronics in your home from miles away or to switch your settings.

It’s only compatible with devices running iOS 5 or later, but otherwise WeMo is compatible with any Apple smartphone or tablet. It’s backed by a one-year warranty, and the accompanying app is completely free with the purchase of a plug.

Belkin WeMo Plug Swith

Photo: Belkin


Belkin WeMo Plug Switch

Photo: Belkin

Where To Buy: Available through Belkin, Amazon, or the Apple store.

Cost: $49.99.

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