The 'beer nerds' really have it in for Anthony Bourdain

Anthony bourdainCNNAnthony Bourdain during filming of the Manila episode of the seventh season of ‘Parts Unknown.’

AdWeek just published a sprawling Q&A with chef-turned-TV personality Anthony Bourdain, who was just named to the magazine’s list of the most influential people in food.

In it, the chef opens up about the next big food trend to hit the U.S. (Korean!) and how he feels about Instagram “food porn” (whatever!).

He also reveals that the angriest mail he gets is from “beer nerds,” of all people. It happens whenever he drinks a big-brand beer on his CNN show “Parts Unknown.”

“The angriest mail I get is from beer nerds — people who are craft beer enthusiasts and see me drinking a cold, available beer from a mass production and they get really cranky with me, and they assume that I’m plugging it or something,” Bourdain told AdWeek’s Lisa Granatstein. “In fact, I just like cold beer, and my standards rise and fall depending on access to cold beer.”

Give the guy a break, people. He needs something to wash down all the exotic things he eats.

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