The Beer Boss At Carlton & United Breweries Wants A Better Tax Structure In Australia

Getty/Mark Kolbe

To combat the high cost of manufacturing in Australia, Carlton & United Breweries has made a submission to Australia’s Treasury Department to freeze excise tax applied to beer.

In an article in the Australian Financial Review, the SABMiller executive in charge of Carlton & United Breweries Ari Mervis said the nation’s second-largest brewer wanted a more “equitable” tax regime.

SABmiller owns part of Carlton & United after it bought Fosters Group in 2011.

“I think what we would like to see is for it [taxes] to be equitable particularly for a local big manufacturing base in an environment of cost pressures and the opportunity to keep local manufacturing sustainable,” Mervis said in the article.

He also said they are yet to hear back from Treasury.

While overall, the volume of beer being sold in Australia is falling, Mervis said the company was cutting costs and becoming more efficient.

The comments come after Ford announced yesterday that it wouldn’t make cars in Australia after 2016 because it costs too much here, and would be killing its iconic Falcon sedan.

You can read the full article here.

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