The Battle For Australia's Aviation Sector Just Got Really Weird

Getty/Paul Kane

Things are getting weird.

Now Virgin says there should be an investigation into Qantas controlling more of the domestic market that it does.

In a statement the airline put out this afternoon, it called for a “full and proper” look into Qantas’ 65% market share “policy.”

Political parties have policies. Businesses have strategies. Most of those strategies could be summarised as a way to make the most money for their shareholders.

This should be made clear: owning more of the market than your competitor is not a policy. It is winning. A thing Qantas may not be doing for much longer.

Though as Virgin pointed out, Qantas wants its perfectly legal capital raising blocked.

There are many benefits to propping up the national carrier, but it does not change the fact one public company is asking a government to harpoon its competitor.

If the statements made by Treasurer Joe Hockey over the past days are anything to go by, it looks like Qantas might be getting some help from the Coalition.

However this plays out, it certainly won’t be orthodox.

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