The Battle For $1 Billion: Which App Will Win As The Instagram Of Video?


After Instagram’s $1 billion sale to Facebook, everyone seems to be looking for the next big app.

With popularity comes imitation, and folks are already racing to become the next Instagram.

Now, instead of using photos, companies are exploring video as a way to use Instagram’s format for success. The two most popular contenders are Viddy and SocialCam.

Mark Zuckerberg seemingly endorsed Viddy by posting this video on the service. Zuck’s blessing helped propel Viddy into serious status and the startup has worked to improve upon the momentum.

Viddy’s features include:

  • Videos limited to 15 seconds
  • Advanced camera features (like auto focus, white balance, etc.)
  • Free packs (filters)
  • Selective sharing (share with everyone or just a few people)
  • One-click sharing to social networks
  • Video discovery through the community

Despite SocialCam just losing half of its daily users, it has sat at or near the top of Apple’s App Store for the past few weeks. The app has about 49 million total downloads and we still think it is the best Instagram for Video for a few reasons:

  • Unlimited video length and storage (awesome)
  • Vintage and experimental filters
  • Fast uploads
  • Videos play directly in the feed, no extra clicking necessary
  • private accounts and private videos

SocialCam is backed by and wins this round because of the number of users on the service and unlimited video length.

Being limited to 15 seconds stinks, and SocialCam has some pretty cool filters that really make your videos different and stand out. It’s much easier to connect with your friends because chances are they are already using the app and are sharing content.

Time will tell if either of these apps will be able to stand the test of time. But for now SocialCam is the champion.

Want to see these apps for yourself?

Click here for our walkthrough of Viddy >

Click here for our walkthrough of SocialCam >

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