The Battery Life On Microsoft's New Tablet Might Be Terrible Compared To The iPad

microsoft surface tablet

Photo: Microsoft

It looks like the Microsoft Surface tablet may already have one strike against it.Computer World crunched some numbers and found that the cheaper Windows RT tablet may end up having a battery life of just 7.5 hours, or about 2.5 hours less than the battery life on the latest iPad. That could make the tablet a harder sell for consumers who don’t want to worry about having to constantly charge it up while on the go.

Microsoft notably left out details about the battery life from its launch event on Monday, but the company did note the watt-hour capacity of each tablet, which Computer World used to make the estimate, based on other existing products with the same capacity on the market.

As for the more expensive Windows 8 Pro Surface, the publication estimates its battery life will be about 6 hours, which falls below the average of the battery life of some of the Ultrabooks this tablet would likely be competing with.


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