The Baseball Season Started Today And You Didn't Even Notice

Ichiro Suzuki

Photo: Root TV

Just like in year’s past, Major League Baseball opened its season today in Tokyo, Japan with a game between the Seattle Mariners and the Oakland A’s.While a 6:00 am start on the east coast isn’t terrible, for the fans of these two west coast teams, first pitch was 3:05 am.

For the fans in Japan though, this was a special occasion. Not only are the Mariners owned by a Japanese businessman, but it also marked the return of Japanese native, Ichiro Suzuki.

Play Ball!

For some reason, ads on the uniforms are allowed when the games are played in Japan

Even on the batting helmets

Baseball through a net is a common sight at Japanese baseball games on TV

Felix Hernandez has lost some weight but looks like he is still wearing last year's big uniform

You might have heard more about this game if it was on ESPN

The game was played in the Tokyo Dome in front of more than 45,000 fans, including a few Americans

Oh no! Not baseball in a dome! For some reason we don't mind football, an all-weather sport, in domes. But they are taboo in baseball.

Must be cool for the players to see their names in Japanese characters

Lots of ads in the Tokyo Dome, including this gigantic billboard of Ichiro shilling for beer

This young fan probably wasn't even born yet the last time Ichiro played a regular season game in Japan

The concessions looked familiar, except for the numerous people wearing surgical masks

In case the fans at home weren't aware, Tokyo is kinda big (glad they clarified that the list only includes Earth cities)

Australian Grant Balfour isn't too far from home

And opening day brought us extra innings and some free baseball!

Ichiro finished with 4 hits, and drove in the Mariners third run

Cool to see one of baseball's most recognisable poses in this Tokyo setting

And the M's prevailed on opening day, and now we can go back to sleep

Meanwhile, back in the States, Mark Teixeira is selling this mansion

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