The Barista Who Was Refused Work Because He Is Black Landed A Job

The windows of Forbes and Burton appeared to have been egged, according to this photo posted on Reddit by Matti_Matti_Matti.

Nilson Dos Santos, the Australian who was refused employment at a Darlinghurst cafe because of the colour of his skin, has got a job.

After being told customers wouldn’t want coffee “made by black people,” Santos has been hired as a barista by a new employer at Taylor Square bar and cafe Coco Cubano.

“[I’m] just really looking forward to a new beginning. I’m very positive about the future,” Santos told The Sydney Morning Herald before his first shift today.

Since news broke last week of the racist slur against Santos, the 37-year-old has received over 40 offers of employment.

Meanwhile the Chinese owner of the Darlinghurst cafe, Forbes & Burton, who allegedly made the comments to Santos has closed up shop.

It’s believed the Fair Work Ombudsman is investigating the Dos Santos job interview.

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