The Bar Exam Is Coming! How The Lawyers-To-Be Are Freaking Out On Twitter

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The last few days before the Bar exam are filled with studying, procrastinating and not a small amount of tears.

But this year the final hours of cramming also includes a whole lot of Tweeting.

There is so much misery in studying for this particular monster, so we’re glad to see people are finding some humour in it, too.

That and cursing the gods, cursing BarBri and hoping good old-fashioned prayer will work.

To all test takers, good luck with the final day of studying; let us do our part in helping you find oen more way to procrastinate.

See what exam takers are saying on Twitter! >

What? The Bar is this week?

The moment it finally hits you.

There could be a Star Wars-based essay.

Yes, Tiger does have it better than you this week.

Dear mikey9thousand: Get some sleep!

Denial is sometimes the best medicine.

This says it all.

Morals first!

King fu fighting, that Bar is fast as lightening.

Prayer helps.

It means the working of miracles.

The necessary evil of Mad Libs

Bond is just days away from that martini.

It's a cake in the shape of coffee mug. Drink up!

Signing off...good luck ladies and gentlemen!

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