Have a go at the Bank of England Christmas quiz, and see how much you've learnt about the markets this year

The Bank of England is winding down for Christmas.

While staff are usually frantically plotting and analysing data to find out the perfect time for Mark Carney and his Monetary Policy Committee to increase interest rates, the festive season has given them a bit of a breather, and they have taken the time to write a quiz.

The Bank Underground, a blog run by BOE staff, has compiled a list of ten Christmas-themed economics and finance questions to test your brain while the markets are closed over the holidays, and prove just how much of a finance nerd you really are.

Business Insider has reproduced a couple of the questions below:

  1. Since 2000, which of these manufacturing sectors has, on average, seen the largest fall in (non-seasonally adjusted) production between November and December?
  2. Approximately how many Israeli shekels would Mary and Joseph receive for a 400 troy ounce gold bar at today’s prices and exchange rates?

The answers, along with the rest of the questions can be found on the Bank Underground’s blog. Or if you want to try something even trickier, why not have a crack at Goldman Sachs’ Christmas crossword?

Good luck!

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