The Bank "Churchill Schwartz" Is Code For Goldman Sachs, And 3 More Reasons Wall Street 2 Will Blow


The first trailer for Wall Street 2 actually looked pretty good.

But then the studio released 2 more trailers of actual movie scenes that worried us. And now, we find out (from a review) that a bank is given the name “Churchill Schwartz,” and that it’s meant to be a codename for “Goldman Sachs.” Churchill Schwartz is the worst fake bank name ever.

It’s just too easy to find 3 more reasons why Wall Street 2 is going to suck:

3. Nouriel Roubini doesn’t play “Dr. Doom,” he plays a made-up character, “Dr. Hashimi.

2. Shia LeBoeuf speaks with a bad Long Island (?) accent.

1. Shia LeBoeuf’s character, Jake Moore, speaks fluent Mandarin.  (He’s a ~25 year old trader. The WSJ also points out that he went to Fordham.)

There is one small glimmer of hope. A Wall Street Journal movie critic slammed the movie.

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