The badass DroneGun looks like the ultimate one-person solution to drone threats we all want

BFG. Picture: Droneshield

DroneShield, a company that this year listed on the ASX, has released a gun that it says can safely bring a drone down to the ground.

On Saturday, it released a video demonstration.

Drone enthusiast flies his drone into restricted airspace:

Call the drone bounty hunter:

That is a GREAT-looking gun:

Drag the drone safely to ground:

It looks like the proper answer everyone is looking for right now, especially in Australia, where relaxed regulations mean just about anyone can fly a small drone within 30 metres of your backyard and film you going about your business.

But the threat from drones also goes well beyond privacy issues. Airports are reporting increasing numbers of close calls with drones. Prisons are having to maintain an extra eye on the sky for attempts to drop contraband over walls.

And the terrorist threat is real. For the past two years, DroneShield has been called in to protect the Boston Marathon from any drone-related threats using its technology which can hear UAV sounds entering a kilometre-wide radius of its sensors.

But the gun. The gun is the missing piece of the drone threat response unit.

When we spoke to DroneShield CEO James Walker earlier this month, he hinted that the company’s strategy was “to add countermeasures to our capability and actually sell that combined solution in the countries we’re allowed to”.

Only in countries outside of North America, Europe and sadly, Australia, is it perfectly legal to take down a drone that’s entering your space.

Try it here and you could end up in court facing a hefty fine, as drones are currently protected under the same legislation that protects any air traffic.

Still, Walker said part of the reason the US-founded company listed in and now operates out of Australia was due to the talent and funding opportunities here which allowed it to develop the DroneGun – even if it can’t be used here.

Here’s the full video:

*The author of this article owns a small number of shares in the company that makes DroneGun

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