It's week 2 of 'The Bachelorette' and a contestant has already told Hannah B. that he's falling in love with her

ABC/John FleenorLuke P. and Hannah are already getting close.
  • The second episode of “The Bachelorette” saw a contestant telling Hannah that he’s falling in love with her.
  • Another crashed a group date.
  • This post contains spoilers for the second episode of “The Bachelorette”
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This week on “The Bachelorette,” Hannah B. is so happy with the guys. She started Monday’s episode jumping on a fountain or something in what is clearly a shot from a future trip to another country, and she talks about how she wants the guys to make “big moves” in order to win her heart.

The episode is mostly uneventful, despite two group dates and a one-on-one. But Cam continues to rap as if he is Lin Manuel Miranda (he is not), things get steamy by the cocktail party, and seeds for rivalries are planted.

I watched “The Bachelorette” so you don’t have to. Here are the highlights.

On the first group date, one of the guys tells Hannah he is already falling in love with her

On the first group date, Hannah wants to see the men “loosen up.” Letting go of her whole thing about letting go of her pageant queen roots sh talked about last week, Hannah has the men compete in a “Mr. Right” pageant, with the help of Miss J. (from “America’s Next Top Model”) and two drag queens, Alaska and Alyssa Edwards. Miss J. and the queens help the men with their walks and help them figure out their talent.

But first, the men must make me uncomfortable by walking horribly on a stage in speedos. Personally, I would have rather stayed at the mansion then participate in this. Mike has some fun with it and shakes his butt a lot. Everybody likes it. Then, the men show off their talents to Hannah.

John Paul Jones, surprised even me when he demonstrated that he knows how to ride a unicycle, Jed does a mediocre 2003 Justin Timberlake impression (but doesn’t realise this) while wearing a fedora, and Luke P. doesn’t have a talent at all. He just gives a speech in which he tells Hannah that he is already falling in love with her. Yikes! It’s weird, but Hannah B. awards Luke P. with the title of “Mr. Right.”

Jed the bacheloretteABC/John FleenorJed played the guitar.

At the party after the pageant, Luke P. (of course) goes to talk to Hannah B. She tells viewers that she “believes” him that he’s falling in love and tell him that it’s “bold.” While Luke P. is gone, the guys talk about how creepy Luke P’s big move was, and Mike briefly but very un-dramatically approaches him about it.

Hannah gives Jed, the singer, a rose, and Luke P. literally cries about it.

The one-on-one is a snooze-fest

Hannah, wearing all white, approaches the guys at the mansion to pick up Tyler G. – a 28-year-old psychology grad student – for their one-on-one. A helicopter picks them up. Tyler G. is wearing a really nice blue button down, which is unfortunate because Hannah takes him dirt biking. Hannah wore white which seems dangerous. Tyler G. isn’t too exciting, but he looks like he walked in straight from the set of a superhero show on The CW. Plus he’s really nice, so I’m rooting for him. Hannah gives him a rose during dinner on the roof of the Roosevelt Hotel.

Hannah the bacheloretteABCHannah and Tyler G. caked in mud.

The second group date is rudely interrupted

Cam, who has been whining and moping around the mansion because he hasn’t been invited on any dates. So he raps about it, and it’s bad. Cam needs to stop rapping. This gets even worse when Cam is not on the list for the second group date.

Hannah takes the guys to do roller derby, Fred Willard is there, and there is a montage of the guys falling. I got bruises all over my body just from watching this. After the date, Hannah is hanging out with the guys and talking to each of them one on one. All of a sudden, Cam shows up with a bouquet, interrupting one of her conversations. Without saying this, he essentially tells her that his insecurity and jealousy is really toxic and she should dump him right away. But she lets this slid because Hannah LOVES big moves. Hannah kisses Cam.

Then, Cam talks to a camera about his conversation with Hannah, right outside the place where the group date is still happening. All of the guys on the group date sneak up behind him while he’s talking to tell him that he is the worst. It’s amazing.

Cam the bacheloretteABCCam with flowers for some reason.

Things get steamy during the cocktail party

Hannah wears a red dress with cutouts for the cocktail party/rose ceremony, and walks into it crying because she’s so happy at how great the week has gone? I think that’s why she cries. She doesn’t explain it well. During the party, Cam gets defensive about his “big move” which the guys fairly are still mad about, and Hannah and Luke P. get pretty intimate. Luke P. gives Hannah a massage on a table and they make out. Hannah really wants Luke P.

Jed stumbles upon them making out, and it’s awkward. Hannah freaks out about it because she feels really bad about what Jed thinks. But Jed is chill about it, because he understands what this show is.

The rose ceremony is pretty standard, the only twist being that Hannah gives Cam the last rose. Cam is not happy about this, and I hope that he raps about it and I hope this is the reason Hannah sends him home. The guys who got left behind this week? I don’t even remember seeing them at all on the show, but their names are Matt S., Daron, and Connor J.

After the ceremony, Luke P. (I just decided that the P stands for “Possessive”) follows Hannah into her post-rose ceremony interview to … remind her that he is so into her and that he is falling in love and that he knew they were connected when he saw her on TV and that he is “100% genuine,” which feels like someone who is not 100% genuine would say, even in the context of this show. Hannah is into it, and they have a steamy make-out session.

According to next week’s teaser, things will get bad for Cam, so I am already counting down the days until next week.

“The Bachelorette” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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