Watch Colton Underwood storm off set and declare he’s ‘done’ with ‘The Bachelor’ in the season’s first trailer

Chris Harrison and Colton Underwood discuss his virginity. ABC
  • Colton Underwood will take on the titular role for season 23 of ABC’s “The Bachelor.”
  • In the first preview of the upcoming season, Underwood appears to struggle with rejection and shed quite a few tears.
  • “Every time I put myself out there I get rejected,” Underwood says in one scene.
  • The clip shows Underwood declare that he’s “f—ing done” and storm off the set by literally hopping the fence.
  • It also shows Underwood – as well as multiple contestants vying for his love – discuss his virginity.
  • Host Chris Harrison appears to address it during the infamous “fantasy suites” episode, telling Underwood: “You could lose your virginity this week.”
  • “The Bachelor” returns on Monday, January 7.
  • Watch the full preview below.


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