'The Bachelor' Finalist Calls Out Mark Latham For Hypocrisy In His Column That Trashed The Show

The BachelorRochelle, left, and Anna at a function this week. Photo: Jess Chandra / Popsugar

Rochelle and Anna, the two remaining contestants in the Australian version of reality show The Bachelor, were in the Business Insider offices today during a visit to our colleagues at Popsugar.

The final episode of the show airs tonight on Channel 10.

Both finalists said they had read Mark Latham’s exceedingly weird column from the weekend, in which the former Labor leader said he was addicted to the show but proceeded to trash it and the participants, including describing Rochelle and Anna as suffering from “emotional retardation”.

Neither was hugely impressed and Anna, the blonde-haired lawyer, said the column had made Latham look jealous.

“I thought, ‘You can’t start paying us out’,” said Anna. “You watch the show.

“I don’t know where he’s coming from. He loves the show and I reckon he’d be devastated if it wasn’t on air.

“He’s really hurt that he’s not the bachelor or one of the contestants. Maybe he just has something for Tim and he’s lashing out on him being there, and the show [in general].”

Rochelle was a bit more measured. “I’m not completely against it,” she said. “We’ve been put in a situation that’s absolutely abnormal. And I think any normal human being would react a bit uniquely.”

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