The Bachelor Blake Garvey Says The Reality TV Show Came At The Perfect Time For An Auctioneer

If you don’t know who Blake the Bachelor is, you must have been living under a rock for the past two months.

His face is plastered on every bus from the Northern Beaches to the South Coast, and his deep, sultry voice has invaded television ads and radio stations everywhere.

Still don’t know him? Well you’re forgiven but the girls in our office clearly know who he is.

Today the star of The Bachelor Australia series two, Blake Garvey, made a visit to our sister site POPSUGAR, and in the process Business Insider snagged a quick question (and selfie) with the hunk himself.

Being an auctioneer (when he isn’t dating 24 beauties), we asked Garvey what he thought of the current real estate market.

However, we forgot to consider the fact he’s been locked in a house for the past 6 months filming the TV show.

His answer, as polished and refined as his smooth pick up lines on the evening dating show:

“I haven’t even looked to be honest. It’s been over half a year (since I’ve worked),” he said. “I had a brief chat with a couple of colleagues who said: ‘you chose the best time on the planet to go because it has been as slow as hell.'”

And that was it. But who can blame him – being locked in a house with 24 drop dead gorgeous women, and forced to pick your favourite, would keep any man busy!

The ACTON Real Estate Carine Glades’ website however gives a bit more away about Garvey and his attitude toward the housing industry.

“As an agent I am absolutely passionate about auctions, I believe they are an incredibly effective way to sell property and get the best price the market is willing to pay. As an auctioneer I love the excitement, the urgency, the contact you make with the crowd. Every auction is an adventure.”

Now that’s sounds like the Bach we all know! reports the reality television show is being filmed at a heritage-listed Hunters Hill mansion in NSW, which last sold in 1993 for $2.75 million.

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