Richard Branson's The B-Team launches in Australia

Tom Dulat/Getty Images for CNBCRichard Branson

SYDNEY — Sir Richard Branson’s project The B-Team, a non-profit collective of wealthy entrepreneurs advocating for a socially responsible capitalism, has launched in the Asia Pacific.

The group will call on purpose-driven leaders across the region to champion a new way of doing business — one which benefits people, the planet and profit — and address critical issues specific to Australasia.

“The time is right for each of us to demonstrate how business leaders can and will create an even better world. We look forward to inspiring others to join the movement” says Lynette Mayne, co-chair of The B Team Australasia.

The B Team Australasia will work to “developing forward looking principles to advance human dignity in a changing world of work, in addition to driving net-zero emissions by 2050”.

Members are aiming to spark private sector commitment to carry out a new vision for the future of work, empowering workers and communities, across the region.

“The B Team provides a wonderful opportunity to bring those involved in business in
our region together to focus on, consider and offer solutions to some of the issues generally affecting society in the longer term,” says co-chair David Gonski.

The B Team Australasia team includes:

  • Richard Branson, Co-Founder, The B Team, Founder, Virgin Group
  • Sharan Burrow, Vice-Chair, The B Team, General Secretary, International Trade Union
  • David Gonski, Co-Chair, The B Team Australasia, responsible for 100% Human/Future of Work Initiative; Chairman, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ANZ Bank); Chancellor, University of New South Wales
  • Lynette Mayne, Co-Chair, The B Team Australasia, Director, Chief Executive Women + its Leaders Program; Asian Development Bank’s Female Leadership Program in the Pacific
  • Peter Allen, CEO and Executive Director, Scentre Group
  • Michael Cameron, CEO and Managing Director, Suncorp Group
  • Andrew Liveris, Former Chairman and CEO, Dow Chemicals and B Team Leader
  • Geoff Lloyd, CEO of MLC
  • Susan Lloyd Hurwitz, CEO and Managing Director, Mirvac
  • Sam Mostyn, Commissioner, Business and Sustainable Development Commission
  • Radek Sali, Chairman and Founder, Light Warrior Group
  • Ann Sherry, Executive Chairman, Carnival Australia
  • Catherine Tanna, Managing Director, Energy Australia

The international organisation, was co-founded by Branson and Jochen Zeitz in 2012.

Branson and Radek Sali, former CEO of Swiss, will officially launch the organisation in Sydney tomorrow night.

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