The Awesome Country Women's Association Broke Their Scone Record At The Royal Easter Show

The CWA scone tally at the Royal Easter Show – a new record. Source: CWA, Facebook

Everyone has goals and challenges and records they like to break, from merchant bankers to sales teams, Olympians and even the CWA, who every year at the Sydney Royal Easter Show hand-make, cut and bake scones to serve with jam. cream and tea.

The ladies have been at the show since the 1940s baking up a storm and their tea rooms are an institution and welcome relief for weary showgoers.

Like shearers, the CWA ladies keep a daily tally, pumping out on average, more than 3000 scones a day.

Going into the 2014 show the CWA record stood at 41,787, but showing the current generation are the Ian Thorpes of scone making, they smashed their record when the show ended after 14 days yesterday with a new personal best of 46,900. That figure included a record 4313 made on Easter Monday, perhaps part of the afterglow of the Royal visit to the show on Good Friday.

If you’re feeling inspired, the CWA have their own cookbook, Jam Drops and Marble Cake, featuring everything from peach blossom cake to Anzac biscuits, raspberry coconut slice to of course, scones.

But it’s more fun if they make them for you, although now you’ll have to wait until next year.

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