The Australian PM's Chief Spin Doctor Doesn't Understand A Dislike Of Kyle Sandilands

Getty/Ryan Pierse

When Australia’s Prime Minster did an interview with shock jock Kyle Sandilands yesterday, News Limited published an article about it.

In response, Julia Gillard’s head of communications John McTernan personally jumped to his defence, emailing the reporter who wrote the story.

Getty/Stefan Postles

I have no idea why you – and it appears your paper – have a vendetta against Kyle. He is a popular and talented broadcaster and is listened to by more than a million people every morning,” Mcternan wrote, according to News Limited.

“Perhaps one day you will know what it is like to entertain and touch the hearts of millions of people like Kyle and Jackie O do every day,” he said, according to the article.

Sandilands’ show, which airs on 2DAYFM on weekday mornings, has a huge national audience. If you have a message to get out, it’s one of best channels for reaching younger Australians.

This is however a person who told the Prime Minister he’d be a good choice for Australian Arts Minister as “I’ve been in Priscilla Queen of the Dessert; I was an Asian prostitute so I am across the arts. I’m your man.”

He has also threatened to “hunt down” a reporter who wrote an article critical of one of his television shows and said comedian Magda Szubanski could lose weight by spending time in a concentration camp.

News Limited’s full article, with more of the email from McTernan, is here.


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