The Australian government has joined Telstra and car companies in the YouTube ad ban

The federal government has suspended all non-corporate campaign advertising on YouTube as the corporate boycott against inappropriate content on Google’s video website continues to grow.

The global advertiser boycott of Google and YouTube has spread to Australia, with Holden and Kia pulling advertising from the video website over misogyny concerns.

Earlier this week car companies Kia and Holden were among the first local advertisers to stop spending on YouTube after a “men’s rights” account posted a video that labelled former Australian of the Year Ita Buttrose an “old hag”.

Telstra and Tourism Australia joined the ban a few days later. Globally, McDonald’s, Pepsi, and Starbucks, and even the UK government have also walked away from the site over worries about brand safety amid posts that are racist, sexist, abusive or feature other inappropriate content.

Senator Scott Ryan, the Special Minister of State, said the decision was based on advice from the government’s media agency Dentsu Mitchell.

“This measure is preventative and while advertising is being withdrawn from some websites, the Government will continue to communicate important messages to Australians using other means,” he said.

“The Australian Government and Dentsu Mitchell will continue to request updates from Google on the steps being taken to mitigate risks.”

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