The Australian Federal Police just got an extra $321 million to help fight terrorism

Malcolm Turnbull. Photo: Stefan Postles / Getty Images / File

Prime minister Malcolm Turnbull has announced that the government will invest $321 million in the Australian Federal Police.

It was one of the measures flagged in the federal budget released in May and will be delivered over four years.

The funding will allow the police agency to hire hundreds more specialist officers.

“The crime and terror outlook is complex and it continues to develop,” he said.

“It has never been more important to invest in the Australian Federal Police and to give them the resources they need to keep us safe, and always to be one step ahead in disrupting and preventing crime.

“We should not forget that since 2014… there have been 12 terrorism plots unearthed… and those involved brought to justice.”

It is the biggest Commonwealth funding injection to the AFP in more than a decade.

The funding will provide for an additional 100 intelligence experts, more than 100 tactical response and covert surveillance operators, and almost 100 forensic specialists to help advance Australia’s fight against crime and terrorism.

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