The Aussie flat white is helping Starbucks improve its results

When coffee giant Starbucks first launched Australia’s iconic flat white, many were worried the Americans would be confused by the milky concoction.

Created in Australia in the 1980s, the flat white is considered Australia’s breakfast beverage — which is why it’s surprising that the US only just caught up.

Here’s how Starbucks describes the Aussie drink:

An extra ristretto shot ensures that it’s bolder than a latte, yet steamed milk keeps it smoother than a cappuccino. But perfection doesn’t end there—the technique for steaming and pouring the milk requires close attention as well. Steamed milk is folded into itself creating a velvety microfoam that gives the Flat White its silky texture and signature white dot.

It seems the drink has been a hit so far, contributing to a 7% jump in sales across established US stores. The Seattle-based chain has reported a higher quarterly profit and says the success can be owed to higher spending per visit.

Chief Financial Officer Scott Maw pointed to the new flat white coffee drink as one of the factors bumping up the company’s performance in the last quarter, WSJ reports.

The decision to start selling the espresso drink is part the company’s move to premiumization, with revamped croissants and a new range of cold-brewed iced coffees.

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