The Aurora Australis has run aground at Mawson station in Antarctica

Aurora Australis in Horseshoe Harbour. A file photo showing the view from the bridge with Mawson station ahead. Image: Rob Bryson

The Aurora Australis, Australia’s Anatarctic supply ship, has run aground while resupplying Mawson station.

The ship broke free of its mooring during a blizzard with winds of 130km/h, drifted and then hit ground at West Arm in Horseshoe Harbour.

The Australian Antarctic Division says the combined 67 crew and expeditioners are safe and well.

There is no damage to the hull and the ship is watertight.

However, the blizzard is hampering a full assessment of the damage.

The Aurora Australis left Hobart on January 11 and has been undertaking marine science around the Kerguelen Plateau region.

It arrived at Mawson for resupply on Saturday.

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