This is the audience Hulu says is most overlooked by TV networks

East Los High Season 2
East Los High. Hulu

Hulu maintains a massive library of over 3,000
TV shows, and one of its big tasks is deciding which shows to licence.
That means Hulu spends a lot of time poring over different points of data, including how much shows are pirated, according to VP of content acquisitions, Lisa Holme.

Holme reviews a hefty number of shows.

So are there any shows that TV networks aren’t producing that she wishes they would?

Holme says she’s found that one particular group tends to be underserved by current TV offerings: young bilingual Latino audiences who primarily like to watch shows in English. These are people who, though they are of Latino heritage, don’t necessarily like to watch every show in Spanish. They are more likely to watch Family Guy than Spanish-language programming, she says.

That is one reason why Hulu created “East Los High” in 2013, an English-language show that “centers around romance, dance, and the struggle of a group of Latino teens living in East Los Angeles.” The show has been renewed for a fourth season.

Hulu is by no means the first to go after this market, both in television and the media more broadly. But it has not proved easy for some.

Reaching a young, bilingual Latino audience was the purpose behind the initial conception of Fusion, a joint project between Univision and Disney’s ABC, which launched in 2013. But a few months after launch, Univision execs pivoted to brand Fusion as a destination for all ethnicities, and not focus on Latinos. This irked Disney, which recently sold its 50% stake to Univision, according to the LA Times.

Fusion has lost ” tens of millions of dollars for Univision and ABC,” the LA Times reports.

But Holme characterised “East Los High” as a great success for Hulu, which seems reflected in the company’s continued support for the show as it enters its fourth season.

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