Where Does Hillary Draw More Eyeballs Than Britney? At TheAtlantic.com

The venerable Atlantic Monthly went uncharacteristically lowbrow this spring when it put onetime pop star Britney Spears on its cover. That issue bombed on the newstand, and the story drew a mere 100,000 page views online during the entire month of March.

Here’s what Atlantic readers (and a legion of bloggers) really want: a bunch of juicy leaked staff memos from Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Those memos, which chronicle intramural backstabbing and their attempt to woo superdelegates, gave TheAtlantic.com 1.3 million page views on Tuesday, 150% more than The Atlantic’s previous record, the day of the Texas and Ohio Democratic primaries.

Hillary memos (Aug. 12): 1.3 million page views
Texas, Ohio primaries (March 4): 799,000 page views
Daily site average: 450,000 page views

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