The ASX says it will open as normal today

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The ASX expects the market to open as normal today.

Australian shares only traded for a short time yesterday after technical glitches caused by a hardware failure, giving local brokers an early mark.

“ASX advises that the ASX Equities Market will open as normal today 20 September 2016,” the local exchanges tweeted this morning.

Local traders, who couldn’t complete trades, were unimpressed.

ASX chief executive Dominic Stevens apologised for the disruption.

“The primary issue arose from a hardware failure in the main database used by the system,” he says.

“This had a number of knock-on consequences that affected the operation of the market. These included a delay to the market open and the decision to close the market early due to ongoing issues that impacted the proper functioning of the trading platform.”

Chris Weston of IG said this morning: “If the ASX 200 does open today, which seems highly likely, one suspects that there will be an air of relief and many will be pleased that the technical glitch happened on a day where corporate news flow was limited and the leads from Wall Street were as flat as you will ever see.”

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