The ASX Just Shut Down Trading Because Of Technical Problems

Getty/ Sergio Dionisio

The ASX has briefly suspended trading due to a technical glitch that stopped some traders from getting accurate post-trade volume and pricing data.

The sharemarket was placed in “enquire” mode at 2.15pm, meaning that no trades could take place. It is due to reopen in stages between 2.45pm and 2.57pm.

The ASX highlighted a glitch in its ASX Sweep functionality, which routes orders between its dark and lit markets. ASX Sweep will remain offline after the market reopens this afternoon.

It said the halt would give traders time to refresh their systems so everyone would be on level ground when the market reopened.

From the ASX’s report to market participants:

“ASX is aware that some participant and vendor applications are not displaying accurate market data in a limited number of securities.

ASX Trade and the matching of orders are functioning normally.

While this issue does not affect all participants, ASX believes it is in the interest of the whole market to provide all participants the opportunity to refresh their market data view at the same time.”

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