The ASX Has Revived Its Twitter Account After Three Years Of Silence


The Australian Securities Exchange has revived its Twitter account, @ASX, after the account was left dormant for three years.

ASX general manager of marketing Natalie Lockwood said that the bourse had decided to revive the account to provide customers, followers and other interested parties with “another, more immediate channel” for news and information on the ASX.

The @ASX account was created in 2009 but has not been used since 2010. All tweets made earlier than today were deleted because they were deemed “obsolete”.

“ASX is tweeting again today with fresh content,” Lockwood told Business Insider Australia.

“We plan to tweet news and information about ASX’s markets, such as end-of-day index values and new company listings, plus material about the ASX Group, including new product and service developments.”

Earlier this year, the ASX warned listed companies that they should be monitoring social media sites for market-sensitive information and disclosing any relevant news to the market.

The ASX has about 5,550 Twitter followers at the time of publishing; it also has a Facebook page that appears not to have been updated for some time.