The Asia-Pacific Deal Market Is On Fire, According To Early Mergers And Acquisitions Data

High diving in Wales. Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Early numbers from the global Intralinks Deal Flow Indicator show activity in Asia-Pacific up 18% for the year to the end of March.

And the Q1 2014 Deal Flow Indicator will reveal a 10% quarter-on-quarter growth for early stage mergers and acquisitions activity in Asia-Pacific.

The latest Intralinks Deal Flow Indicator, to be released at the end of this month, will show a healthy global market, maintaining high levels of activity and continued optimism.

Philip Whitchelo, vice president of strategy and product marketing at Intralinks, says there’s a good lending environment and the need for corporations and private equity to put their money to work and buy growth.

More high profile deals are expected to be announced throughout the year, especially in hot sectors such as technology, telecommunication, media and entertainment and consumer.

“Deal volume throughout the APAC region in particular has been impressive,” Whitchelo says.

“This comes off the back of consistent year-on-year growth since Q1 2010 for the region. The data certainly points towards APAC continuing to experience strong growth over the next six months.”

In March 2014, Intralinks conducted a separate survey of more than 1,000 global M&A professionals to gauge sentiment and views on the market.

The survey found:

  • Overall, 63% of M&A professionals are optimistic about the current deal environment, consistent with reported sentiment from the last quarter.
  • 73% predict M&A activity will increase over the next six months, consistent with last quarter and with the Intralinks Deal Flow Indicator data.
  • North American respondents expressed the most optimism about future deal activity in 2014, with 70% expecting an increase.
  • Latin America showed the most pessimism, with only 47% expecting increased deal activity through the remainder of the year.

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