The Ashley Madison hacker could be an Australian

The Ashley Madison hacker could be tweeting about his work and there’s speculation the culprit could be Australian.

The massive hack last month saw the details of the cheating site’s users posted onto the web for all to see and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and FBI are investigating who is behind the security breach.

A post by security blogger Brian Krebs identifies a hacker calling himself Thadeus Zu on Twitter, as someone who has intimate knowledge of the hack.

On July 12 employees at Ashley Madison first figured out the site had been hacked when their computers displayed a message “Thunderstruck”.

Krebs, who was the first to report the hack last month, points to repeated references to AC/DC in Thadeus Zu’s Tweeter feed including a screenshot where the user looks like he’s listening to Thunderstruck on YouTube.

Soon after publishing the story he spotted a retweet of the Thadeus Zu account containing a link the stolen files which he was anonymously supplied.

About 10 minutes before the data was all dumped on August 17, the same account tweeted “Time’s up”.

Since then the account has tweeted a lot of news coverage about the hack.

It’s not known where the user is based or if it’s even a single person. But there is a tweet claiming to compromise the Australian parliament website.

There is also a separate account on Twitter under @ThadeusZu which follows just 35 Twitter accounts, the majority of which are Australian news outlets and politicians.

While it’s all speculation at the moment, it is an interesting theory.

You can read Brian Kreb’s full post here.

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